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The annual hackathon from the Green Software Foundation

In Carbon Hack 24, we explore groundbreaking ways to measure the environmental impact of software. Our focus is on the Impact Framework (IF), an innovative open-source project that assesses software's environmental impacts. Join us for a three-week challenge where engineers, designers and content creators will use IF to measure software's ecological footprint.

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What is carbon hack?

In 2024, Carbon Hack is about how we measure the environmental impact of software. Until now, no single solution has managed to calculate software’s impacts across all components, across all environments. Impact Framework (IF), an open source project, attempts to do just that, be it for carbon emissions, water or land usage, or other chemical impacts. For 3 weeks in the early spring, developers and engineers will compete to showcase their best application of IF in measuring the ecological footprint of software.

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22 January

Registration begins

18 March

Hackathon Starts

8 April

End of Hackathon & Project Submission

18 April

Awards Ceremony


Beyond Carbon icon
Beyond Carbon

A plugin that enables people to measure impacts beyond carbon. The plugin must output an environmental impact (e.g., water, waste, air quality)

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Best Plugin

A plugin that best supports and enhances the Impact Framework ecosystem

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Best Content

Best educational content published about Impact Framework, a case-story applying IF to a domain, tutorial, or video

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Best Contribution

Any software solution that helps makes Impact Framework easier to use, for users creating/running manifest file and developers building plugins. This does not have to be a plugin and can be a separate application entirely.

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Best Undergraduate & Under 18

We are also keen to broaden the opportunities for those who are studying, so we have specific prizes for Undergraduate Students and Under 18s, drawn from across the main categories.

What is Carbon Hack layer

The Hack Experience

Carbon Hack is a dynamic competition that combines healthy rivalry with collaborative innovation. Hackers will push the limits of the framework, uncover potential weaknesses, and create innovations to enhance the tool. Solo or in small teams, participants must:

• Use IF to measure the environmental impact of software • Enhance the framework by contributing code and integrating new models, plug-ins, applications, or documentation. • Showcase the framework's versatility by measuring various environmental impacts—carbon emissions, water usage, and more.


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